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Rashpal Gurm is a commercial advertising photographer who deals primarily with still life by focusing on science and technological concepts. Rashpal’s style suits advertising as he prefers to shoot modest elements in a stylised way, maximising the control he can exercise over his constructions. This also increases the reliability of the photographer and the success of meeting the client’s needs.Aesthetics are important to Rashpal as he feels that the images he produces must not only satisfy the client but also the consumer. He likes to apply strong colour casts and enhance hues in his work.Rashpal is currently experimenting with liquid bases photography and the eclectic contextual varieties this aesthetic offers in an advertising context.Rashpal has received a BA in Commercial Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth and has experience as a photographic assistant with the still-life photographer Patrice De Villiers.Rashpal has exhibited at both the Commercial Drop Project, Bournemouth and the Candid Arts Trust, London in 2013.


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