Why and How to Choose a Professional Freelance Retoucher

Why and how to choose a Freelance Professional Retoucher. 

 Here we’ll explore how Professional Freelance Retoucher Services are often overlooked by the creative market at large, and why serious Photographers may find it difficult to find one that consistently delivers, to the standard they expect. 

 As the number of Freelancers in all creative disciplines rises the world over, we see a rapid increase in movement to accommodate them. The most glaring of this activity are online agencies. 

Enterprising Freelancers can provide their services on these platforms with minimal action on their part. Equally, buyers can provide a brief and submit payment without so much as exchange an email address with whom they are doing business.

So why approach a Freelance Retoucher directly? 

 Experience and Expertise. 

The most obvious reason anyone would hire a Freelancer ever is for the Professional Service they provide. More often than not, Freelance Retouchers who work directly with their clients are practicing or former Photographers themselves. Either way, their business is built upon the cornerstone of understanding not only how photography works, but what the photographer wants. For the professional retoucher as it is for the photographer, it isn’t so much as what or how, but why? A good retoucher can create anything in software, that’s their expertise. Perhaps the most important question is the motive of the client. Too much or too little? With or without? 

If a Retoucher has their own website, their own studio, their own business account and doesn’t have a 9-5, then the chances are they’ve doing this a while and have been doing it pretty well.
The more experience the less back and forth you have with your retoucher on the details.

Qualty and Consistency

While there’s nothing wrong with using global freelance agencies to find your retoucher, It’s important to remember that they serve a global audience with every kind of kind of client and every degree of expected quality. That serves the general buyer well, as they can brief, receive and pay pretty quickly.
However, Photographers and creative agencies need someone that can apply time to attain the quality they need, in lieu of high volume and low turnaround. 


Freelance Retoucher’s are effectively self-employed business owners, and business that fail to communicate with their clients usually don’t last long. You can expect a retoucher to ask you the right question’s and listen closely to what you have to say. Of course most exchanges are online, but the mobile number is listed on their site for a reason. They want to talk to you, and most retouchers will meet you in person before starting a project so you are both on the same page.


Professional Freelance Retouchers that offer a service need to do just that… give good service. This is their full-time job, their career. Because of that, guarantee of quality and delivery comes as standard. If they do not deliver then they do not make a living, and that alone makes choosing a Freelance Retoucher directly a safe option for any photographer or agency looking to complete a project on time and to their satisfaction.       

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